Troy Lanigan

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Date published 2021-11-24
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Summary Troy Lanigan is a self-employed consultant specializing in public policy, with ideologies based on conservatism,   liberalism, and libertarianism.

Lanigan spent nearly 27 years at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (10 years as President), and is the President of Canada Strong and Free Network (formerly the Manning Center) since 2019.

Other notable associations include:

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Troy Lanigan
President, Canada Strong and Free Network  [source]
Professional / Career Details
Name Troy Lanigan
Current positions
Previous positions
Political position Right-wing politics
Controversies Teddy Award (Canadian Taxpayers Federation to Government of Manitoba; withdrawn 2006-03 | local copy)
Personal Details
Name Troy Lanigan
Spouse Erika Lanigan
Marital status Married
Children 4 children
Nationality Canadian
Residence VictoriaBritish Columbia, Canada
Profession Consultant (advocacy; public policy | local copy)


  • Source: Canada Strong and Free Network  [local copy]
  • "Troy Lanigan was appointed President of the Manning Centre on 2019-04-01. He continued as president of the Canada Strong and Free Network during its transition in June 2020.

    "Troy Lanigan is also the founder and part-time CEO of a new think tank that examines public policy through the lens of stories and experiences shared by individuals, families and entrepreneurs impacted by government policy.

    "Troy Lanigan serves as past-President of World Taxpayers Associations - an umbrella group of approximately 60 taxpayer organizations on six continents - purposed for networking, best practices exchange, regional forums and support for new organizations.

    "For 26 years Troy Lanigan served in various capacities with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation including 10 as president. During his tenure as president he led significant organizational growth, authored a book Fighting for Taxpayers, and helped found the campus-initiative Generation Screwed  [local copy].

    "Prior to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Troy Lanigan served as National Education Director for the Virginia-based Leadership Institute.html, conducting training programs on university and college campuses across the United States.

    "Troy Lanigan is a member of the Washington D.C.-based Atlas Network's  Council of Mentors, and serves on the Board of Directors for both the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, and the Institute for Liberal Studies.

    "Troy Lanigan holds a degree in economics. He and his wife Erika live in VictoriaBritish Columbia, and have four children."

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