Republican Party (United States)

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Title Republican Party (United States)
Date published 2021-12-27
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Summary The Republican Party (also referred to as the GOP: Grand Old Party")) - along with its main historic rival, the Democratic Party - is one of the two   major contemporary political parties in the United States.
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Republican Party
Logo of the Republican Party of the United States of America
Name Republican Party
Abbreviation GOP (Grand Old Party)
Founded 1854-03-20
Type Political party
Preceded by
Location United States
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Areas served United States
Student wing College Republicans
Youth wing
Women's wing National Federation of Republican Women
Overseas wing Republicans Overseas
Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
House Minority Leader Kevin Owen McCarthy
Known for
Controversies Presidency of Donald Trump
Membership 2021: 36,132,743

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    The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP ("Grand Old Party"), is one of the two major, contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its main historic rival, the Democratic Party.

    The Grand Old Party (GOP) was founded in 1854 by opponents of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories [Western United States]. The GOP was simultaneously strengthened by the collapse of the Whig Party, which had previously been one of the two major parties in the United States. Upon founding, the Republican Party supported economic reform and classical liberalism while opposing the expansion of slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. Under the leadership of Lincoln and a Republican  United States Congress, slavery was banned in the United States in 1865. The GOP was generally dominant during the Third and the Fourth Party System periods. The Republican Party was strongly committed to protectionism and tariffs at its founding, but grew more supportive of free trade in the 20th century.

    After 1912, the Republican Party began to undergo an ideological shift to the right. Following the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Republican Party's core base shifted, with southern states becoming more reliably Republican in presidential politics. After the Supreme Court of the United States' 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party opposed abortion in its party platform and grew its support among evangelicals  [Christian Right]. The Republican Party's 21st-century ideology is American conservatism, which incorporates both social conservatism and fiscal conservatism.

    The GOP supports the following ideologies:

  • lower taxes;

  • free-market capitalism;

  • restrictions on immigration;

  • increased military spending;

  • gun rights;

  • restrictions on abortion;

  • deregulation; and,

  • restrictions on labor unions.

  • In the 21st century, the demographic base of the Republican Party skews toward men, people living in rural areas, members of the Silent Generation, and white Americans - particularly white evangelical Christians. The Republican Party's most recent presidential nominee was Donald Trump, who served as the 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

    There have been 19 Republican presidents, the most from any one political party. As of early 2021, the GOP controls 27 state governorships, 30 state legislatures, and 23 state government trifectas (governorship and both legislative chambers). Six of the nine sitting U.S. Supreme Court justices were nominated by Republican presidents.

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  • [, 2022-09-09] Majority of Americans Say MAGA Movement Is a Threat to Democracy, Poll Finds.  "New polling finds that a majority of Americans view Donald Trump's far-right political movement as a threat to American democracy. According to a by Reuters / Ipsos last week (2022-09), 58 percent of respondents believe that Donald Trump's so-called Make America Great Again (MAGA) movementthreatens to undermine democracy. ..."

  • [, 2022-{09:10}] It Didn't Start with Trump: The Decades-Long Saga of How the GOP Went Crazy.  The modern Republican Party has always exploited and encouraged extremism.  |  Since the 1950s, the GOP has repeatedly mined fear, resentment, prejudice, and grievance and played to extremist forces so the party could win elections.  |  Mentions Phyllis Stewart Schlafly  |  Adapted from David Corn's "American Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy" - which will be published by Twelve  [Twelve BooksHachette Book Group] in 2022-09.

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  • [, 2022-03-04] The Republican Party Is Waging a War Against Personal Freedom and Free Expression.  Conservatives at the state level have adopted slogans like "individual freedom" and "choice" - to brazenly and hypocritically push measures that punish people for discussing banned topics or expressing the wrong opinions.

  • [, 2022-02-15] Companies Who Stopped Donations After 2021-01-06 Used Lobbyists to Give Instead.  Lobbyists for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Allstate, Toyota, Nike and others have sidestepped company bans on giving to Republicans who voted against certifying President Joe Biden's victory on January 6, 2021.

  • [, 2022-02-08] How did the Republican Party become the party of Trump?  New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters says the religious right and social conservatism "got basically everything that they wanted" from the Presidency of Donald Trump. Jeremy Peters' new book is Insurgency: The Inside Story of the Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party.

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  • [, 2020-09-21] Carrie Severino Argues Precedent Supports Trump Filling SCOTUS Seat Before Election.

  • [, 2021-09-13] Betsy DeVos Is Still Undermining Public Schools. Next Target: Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, Betsy DeVos is using the chaos of COVID-19 to push a school voucher scheme that would force public schools to compete for students to stay open. After conquering Los Angeles, DeVos and friends aim to take the plan nationwide. The funding plan currently before the Los Angeles School Board [Los Angeles Unified School District] goes by two names. Supporters call it "Student Centered Funding," while union educators and parent advocates know it as "the Betsy DeVos voucher scheme." Not content to retire from the school privatization business, Donald Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has teamed up with the >American Legislative CouncilALEC) to pilot a new school voucher scheme in Los Angeles. The plan would send funds directly to school sites instead of ensuring a centrally enforced foundation of programs, educators, and staff at every school. This restructuring of allocations would set a precedent that could be duplicated across the nation. ...

  • [, 2020-08-31] Senate Leadership Fund [Robert M. Duncan]: USPS Board Chairman Revealed as Director of Mitch McConnell, Trump-Linked Super PACs.

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  • [, 2020-07-29] USPS Workers Concerned New Policies Will Pave the Way to Privatization.  A barrage of new changes have come down, including delayed mail sortation. Workers say they threaten USPS' core mission.

  • [, 2020-07-24] Mitch McConnell's COVID Response: Cut Social Security.

  • [, 2020-07-23] McConnell Accused of "Doing Everything He Can to Suppress the Vote" by Proposing $0 in Election Assistance.  "It is outrageous that this proposal contains not one penny to help states conduct safe elections during a global pandemic."

  • [, 2020-07-23] Trump and DeVos' Plan to Reopen Schools Hides a Sinister Agenda.  |  privitization of all public schools (replacing public education with Christian education) | non-governmental access to annual $694 billion public education budget (corporate predation) | maintain and expand racial segregation | eliminating or weakening teachers' unions.

  • [, 2020-07-22] Mitch McConnell Laughs When Asked If COVID-19 Bill Will Pass by End of Next Week-When Unemployment Benefits Expire for 30 Million Americans.  "Thirty million workers won't be able to pay rent on August 1st 2020 and McConnell is laughing."

  • [, 2020-07-18] "Congress Must Oppose This Dangerous Proposal:" Draft of McConnell Corporate Immunity Plan Sparks Alarm..  McConnell's proposal, warned one advocacy group, "would ensure that workers, consumers, and students have absolutely no recourse when corporations recklessly disregard their health.

  • [, 2020-07-15] "Disturbing" memo reveals Trump's USPS chief has slowed delivery amid calls to expand voting by mail.  "The people in power are trying to keep voter turnout low," MJ Hegar, newly-minted Senate candidate in Texas, says.

  • [, 2020-07-13] Betsy DeVos' School-Reopening Plan Is Already Getting a Big Fat F.  Teachers and Democratic lawmakers are calling the education secretary's insistence and lack of a plan "dangerous" "malfeasance." Even some Republicans are pushing back.

  • [, 2020-07-12] If You Weren't Afraid to Send Your Kids Back to School, DeVos' Disastrous Interview Might Change That.  "The president and his administration are messing with the health of our children," Nancy Pelosi said in response.

  • [, 2020-07-12] "You can't do that": Betsy DeVos gets schooled by Fox News hostChris Wallace scolds Betsy DeVos for trying to illegally cut off school funding.

  • [, 2020-07-09] One Billionaire vs. the Mail.  A new report details Charles Koch's 50-year war on the U.S. Postal Service.  |  local copy

  • [, 2020-07-09] As coronavirus cases surge, Betsy DeVos compares risk of returning to school to riding a rocket ship.  "Risk is involved in everything we do, from learning to ride a bike to riding a rocket into space," DeVos says.

  • [, 2017-07-07] The Man Behind Trump's Religious-Freedom Agenda for Health CareRoger Severino, the devout, conservative head of civil-rights enforcement at the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), shows the power of behind-the-scenes figures in a dysfunctional Washington.

  • [, 2020-07-07] Trump, DeVos Ignore Educators On What It Will Take to Reopen Schools SafelyTrump administration only offers radical agenda of voucher schemes to privatize public education.

  • [, 2020-07-01] It Looks Like Republicans Are Sending Another QAnon Follower to Congress.  The Colorado restaurant owner [Lauren Boebert] has promised to put "far-left Democrats" like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "back in their place."

  • [, 2020-06-26] "Huge Win:" Court Orders DeVos to Cancel Loans for Mass. Students Defrauded by Corinthian Colleges.  State Attorney General Maura Healey said the victory will benefit the mostly Black and Latinx students who were "targeted by a predatory for-profit school [Corinthian Colleges] and abandoned by Secretary DeVos and the Trump administration."

  • [, 2020-06-12] "This Is Cruel:" DeVos Bars Certain Students, Including DACA Recipients, From COVID-19 Relief Funds.  "These extreme eligibility requirements will not only harm students, but they are also contrary to congressional intent," said Senator Patty Murray. [DACADeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals]

  • [, 2020-06-05] Betsy DeVos Is Complicit in Evangelical Right's Assault on Trans Athletes.

  • [,2020-05-26]Corporate Immunity, Mitch McConnell's Priority for Coronavirus Relief, Is a Longtime Focus of the Conservative Right.

  • [, 2020-05-21] While Pushing for Corporate Legal Immunity, McConnell Vows to Block Extension of Boosted Unemployment Benefits.  "Cutting back federal assistance at the height of the crisis would mean self-inflicted disaster, devastation, and additional deaths. That must not happen."

  • [, 2020-05-21] Betsy DeVos Faces Pushback Over Plan To Reroute Aid To Private School Students.

  • [, 2020-05-16] ACLU Sues Betsy DeVos Over "Reprehensible" New Sexual Assault Rules.  Suit against U.S. Department of Education claims new Title IX rules could mean far fewer campus reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

  • [, 2020-04-28] Trump and McConnell Aren't Waging War on COVID. They're Waging War on Us.

  • [, 2020-04-24] Is "Grim Reaper" Mitch McConnell finally facing his day of reckoning?.  McConnell wants to starve blue states, give billions to corporations and still win the election. Maybe not, Mitch.

  • [, 2019-03-29] Did you think Betsy DeVos' terrible, horrible, very bad, no-good week would drive her to quit as education secretary? Guess again..

  • [, 2019-03-27] "Evil" and "Demonic:" Trump Admin, Betsy DeVos Cut All Federal Funding From Special Olympics.

  • [, 2020-03-11] Senate passes rebuke of DeVos over student loan forgiveness.  The U.S. Senate on Wednesday gave final congressional approval to a measure overturning Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' rules making it harder for students to get student loans erased after being misled by for-profit colleges.

  • [, 2019-12-10] Secretary DeVos Denies Students' Rights To Full Debt Cancellation.

  • [CBS "60 Minutes," 2018-03-11] Betsy DeVos' stumbling "60 Minutes" interview.

  • [, 2012-10-30] Steven J. Law: Head of Crossroads GPS once a Mitch McConnell aide, now his political ally.  [Steven James Law  |  American Crossroads]

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